“BJ vs. AJ”

“Before Jennifer” and “After Jennifer” is basically the very real way I would describe our first meeting. Jennifer arrived in my 2525 sq. ft. bay front condo in Coconut Grove and the rest is not history but an ongoing decorative experience which I completely relish!
I was in a quandary when I first moved to the condo as I had owned three 7,000 sq. ft. waterfront homes on Key Biscayne prior to my relocating to Grove Isle. She was very clear that I was to identify those precious items that I had collected through the years that I simply could not live without and then a second tier, etc.
I was to leave in the morning and hold implicit trust that she and her team would magically present my perfect living experience by day’s end.
She did and the experience was extraordinary. In this magical new (and perfect) environment, I did not spend a penny, other than Jennifer’s fee.
One would be truly missing a magical transformational experience by not experiencing “BJ” and “AJ”.

Pamela Ibarguen
Miami’s Luxury Home Specialist, TM
Fortune International Realty 


I had the pleasure of meeting Jennifer Kila at The Coconut Grove Gallery, where she was then working as a designer. I had purchased a house in The Grove and needed to furnish it. Jennifer was extremely friendly and knowledgeable in all aspects of design. It took a little time (I live in New Jersey) but we decorated the entire house.

Jennifer was always there for deliveries and set up, even if I wasn’t. When I would come down to Florida, she always allotted enough time to meet with me and to take me around to different stores and art galleries, etc. Jennifer’s choices in style, fabrics, and colors were always right on. She furnished me with samples and photocopies of different pieces and styles regardless of where I was, and always took into consideration our price points. I highly recommend her expertise and knowledge. Her labor and work ethics are exceptional.

I have since moved out of that house but have continued to rely on Jennifer’s decorating vision in my new home in Stuart, FL, as well as that of my daughter’s newly purchased townhouse in Ft. Lauderdale. Jennifer Kila is great at what she does, always has a sunny smile and is a pleasure to work with.

Janet (and Skip)  Ginnity
New Jersey, Coconut Grove, Stuart, FL


I just love Jennifer!
She has helped me with a few projects in different homes. Each time she can create a new environment according to the space! Her design intuition is amazing.
Jennifer is very professional, intelligent, creative  and at the same time, warm and personable. Unlike other decorators I have dealt with, Jennifer is great at making your inside or outside space look like a magazine spread, staying well within your budget.
She is also great fun to work with!

Joann Stylianos
Miami/ NYC/ Westhampton Beach